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Multi-State Powerball latest winning numbers, plus current jackpot prize amounts, drawing schedule and past lottery results.If your 5 numbers plus the Powerball match the winning six numbers drawn, then you win or share the First Prize.

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Powerball: 8 things you need to know. as well as the red Powerball number,.You win the highest prize shown above for the number of matches in a single play.The cash payment amount will be lower than the announced annuity prize. See the Powerball Prize Structure above for prize amounts and probabilities.With multi-state games such as Powerball, Mega Millions or Cash4Life, prizes must be claimed in.

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Dear Powerball Winner: Take Our Advice and Take the Annuity. This adds up.The odds of winning any Powerball prize are now just 1 in 24.87, while the chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338.

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DES MOINES, Iowa --Taxes can eat up close to half a Powerball jackpot, but the amount taken out can vary widely depending on where a winner lives.

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The Vermont Powerball is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59pm.

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Powerball Jackpot: Taxes on the $1.5 billion prize lowers

Powerball Winners, Beware: Good Fortune Can Trigger a Downfall.

If you win $1.5B Powerball, here's what you'll give up

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Prize Powerball Power Play; Level Winners* Prize** Winners* Prize** 5. the winning numbers and prize amounts in the official records of the Florida Lottery shall...

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That means the recipient would pay the income tax on that amount up.

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Lottery Post is proud to bring you winning ticket jackpot, prize payout amounts, and game odds for.

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Powerball is an American lottery game offered by 44 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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Multi-State Powerball prize payouts and odds, by Lottery Post.

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Another Powerball jackpot is racing up the record books after almost three months without a winning ticket holder.According to the official Powerball website, anyone who matches three or more numbers, or just the Powerball, walks away with a prize.Check out the games, winning numbers, how to claim a prize, news and more.