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Definition of syndicate: Temporary association of two or more individuals or firms to carryout a specific business venture or project such as large scale real estate.A syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals, companies, corporations or entities formed to transact some specific business, to pursue or promote a shared.

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Definition of syndicate in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia.A group of underwriters formed to purchase (underwrite) a new issue of municipal securities from the issuer and offer it for resale to the general public.

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Define syndicate. syndicate synonyms, syndicate pronunciation, syndicate translation, English dictionary definition of syndicate. n. 1.

Top voted out of 432 Synonyms are trust, organization and cartel.It may be used to refer to an agency that sells articles, features, or photographs for publication in a number.

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Syndicated | Article about syndicated by The Free Dictionary. syndicate; syndicated; syndication format; syndiotactic polymer; syndrome; syndromic hearing loss.

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The syndicated loan market is the dominant way for corporations in the U.S. and Europe to receive loans from banks and other institutional. then syndicate the loan.Financial Dictionary. Look-up a definition by entering the term in the search engine or using the alphabetical search service.

Usually one person acts for the syndicate in accepting or rejecting risks.Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 English. From the verb syndicate (1925).

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The legal definition of Syndicate is A formal, informal or secret group of individuals or, more usually, corporations, formed to carry on a specified purpose.

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Syndicate Funding: A New Way To. crowdfunding is creating a unique path for learning through a system called syndicate.

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Syndicate definition, a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or.

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SYNDICATE: Review the definition, meaning, pronunciation, explanation, synonyms, and antonyms of the term SYNDICATE in the Online Dictionary.Antonyms for syndicate. 24 synonyms for syndicate: group, league, association, company, body, concern, institution.

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Syndicate Bank sponsored the first regional rural bank in India by name Prathama Bank, in Moradabad district Uttar Pradesh on 2 October 1975.

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The list of Syndicate definitions helps to quickly define Syndicate and get the meaning with synonyms and sample usage.A group of banks that acts jointly, on a temporary basis, to loan money in a bank credit.